Pop Up Wald Soldiner Kiez

What's it about?

Pop Up Wald  is a moving forest that is popping up in different parts of Soldiner Kiez in Wedding, Berlin during October and November of this year. We want to expand the range of usable green spaces in the city, and reactivate public spaces in times of Corona through easy and accessible means. Using what is already there, we aim to add a layer that makes places even more inviting to residents, visitors and people passing by.

We’ve designed public furniture with integrated tree and plant vehicles. These will travel around the neighbourhoods – Kiez – create sitting places and foster a festival spirit at overlooked places in the  neighbourhood.

Especially during these difficult times, we think it is important to offer open spaces for interaction and enjoyment. The Pop Up Wald offers the opportunity for people and neighbours to showcase their talents in an unusual environment.  we are preparing a small stage and an open mic where people can share their talents and initiatives with their fellow neighbours.

Everyone, regardless of their age, interest or lifestyle should be able to enjoy something in this temporary urban park. 
Join us as we come together at different spots to enjoy the Autumn vibes!

Join Your Neighbors - pop up wald starts at the end of november!

Who are we?

We are a small team of creatives living and working in Berlin that are excited about urban interventions and to getting to know our neighbours and local initiatives. 

We are building this temporary forest to reclaim public spaces and highlight the importance of green spaces, joyful interventions and a socially-driven city.

The project is developed by the association paper planes e.V. in Berlin. Check out our other projects, such as Radbahn Berlin!